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You may have dismissed it as just as saying. Until recently, I never considered myself as someone who played hard.

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Want to know why? Because working hard and playing hard is a freaking fantastic lifestyle! Working hard has its obvious merits. But you should have definite aim and focus when you work.

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Working hard means you are working towards a powerful goal with complete focus. For instance, if you want to open the greatest burger chain on the planet, that is your mission.

You work towards that every day with so much passion that plenty of people call you crazy. Crazy is good.

Playing hard on the other hand takes far more explaining. Especially to someone who is an introvert.

Netflix and chilling may seem just fine for you. You need to optimize this time, as well as your work time.

Because optimizing free time will lead to more work time. This le to more goals being achieved, more money, more awesomeness.

When normal people — not you and I — relax after working just hard enough not to get fired, they park themselves in front of the television and eat junk food. On the surface, that seems relaxing I suppose.

A much more fulfilling way too. Methods that work vary from person to person. I invite you to try out anything that seems interesting to you that requires less time than watching TV. It can even be something like getting a weekly massage. That will destress you far more than watching television.

You gotta love the internet. Now, finding another way to relax will likely be more expensive than watching TV. As with the massage I mentioned earlier.

Can we stop saying “work hard, play hard”?

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Posted March 31, Reviewed by Matt Huston.